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Top Trends in Online Advertising

4 years ago

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Online advertising in Singapore is a continuously evolving feature in today’s digital age. Changing market scenarios, newer software and new gadgets all influence online advertising trends. Here are some top trends that are ruling the internet.

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Video Ads – Video ads have always been in trend. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Bing already host a wide range of video ads. Yahoo even came up with full screen sized video ads. Interestingly, these videos start playing automatically whenever anyone opens the search engine. Videos engage and entertain audiences through music, visuals, etc.

Podcast Ads – Advertising in podcasts might sound strange but the trend is slowly catching on. It is just like advertising on the radio. Millions of listeners are hooked on to different podcasts so this is a very good platform. Buying airtime for ads during the breaks in programming is proving to be very profitable.

Social Ads – Advertising on the various social networking sites have always been one of the most successful advertising strategies used to attract the maximum number of target audiences. This is because social ads are always very interactive. Pinterest and Instagram’s visual posts, Twitter’s Lead Generation ads and Facebook’s Click to Website ads are some such examples.

Native ads – More and more people are using Ad Blockers. To avoid being blocked by potential customers, advertisers are relying more on native ads. Native ads are ads that look exactly like the content of the web page and hence are not detected by the ad blocker. Native ads are mostly seen in the form of tweets, sponsored articles, Instagram pictures, etc.

HTML5 Ads – Online ads were generally made in the JPEG and Flash formats. But lately, with the development of newer mobile devices and the variety in computer screen sizes, not all ads are properly displayed. So HTML5 ads are now being brought into use so that they can get displayed on all sorts of devices. Most importantly, these newer kinds of ads can be personalised in greater ways than can even be thought of in other forms of display ads.

YouTube Ads – Advertisers are leaning more and more on ads that tell proper stories in the form of small films. Such ads are released online for YouTube viewers only. These are longer than TV ads but catch the attention of the people because the story is told in a beautiful way. The Burberry Christmas ad is one such fine example.